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15 Reasons to fire your trainer

This post was inspired for multiple reasons. 1) I have been reading a lot of Layne Norton’s posts regarding reasons to fire your trainer and it lead me to think … Continue reading

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Quick post… All about abs!

I am doing a quick post, because of demand, about abs! I’m pretty sure this topic has been beaten to death, so if you aren’t one of the people that … Continue reading

July 1, 2013 · 1 Comment

So you want to be a personal trainer….

I am now 3 days into my first ever planned vacation. I’m staying home, other than day trips, but it is still a vacation for me because it is (mostly) … Continue reading

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Slowwwww recovery… Take care of your back

Everything happens for a reason.. My injury introduced me to trail racing/ adventure racing. Always look for the positive! 😉 I have always been a stickler for proper form. I … Continue reading

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Why you aren’t reaching your goals

1. Your dieting history: Is it destroying your current efforts? One of the biggest variables, and most commonly overlooked, when it comes to reaching your ideal physique, is your dieting … Continue reading

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Summer Adventures

Sometimes it is easy to think of what we don’t have or what we did have and don’t anymore. When I look back on the above picture, or this: Or … Continue reading

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Real women

Is everyone else as sick as me of the tag line “real women” or “real beauty” or “beauty in strength”? Real Beauty: Dove’s figures have soared since introducing this campaign. … Continue reading

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