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Good posture in children


More and more clients come to me with postural issues, such as kyphosis, some so extreme their spine started to curve as a child. Some women say that they “developed” early and hunched to hide their fast development. Some clients work at a desk all day and let their shoulders fall forward. Some clients just don’t know any better and can’t figure out where their shoulder pain is coming from.

To name just a few issues or injuries that can arise form bad posture:
– kyphosis (curving of the spine)
– headaches/ migraines
– shoulder instability
– decreased range of motion of the shoulder (And if you try going overhead with weights you are at increased risk of injury)
– Ac tendon impingement

I pulled an article I wrote ages ago that provides tips to instill good postural habits in children.

I decided on a shorter “list” version of this article to make it easy for parents on the go! I hope you enjoy!

Quick Tips for Good Posture in Children

Here are some easy and quick tips to begin practicing good posture now:

  • Make learning proper posture fun! Have your child lie on the ground with their arms outstretched overhead! Now have them zoom through the air like superman!! This will strengthen their back and help them feel what good posture is!
  • Elevate furniture so it is at an appropriate level for your children. Desks or tables should align with elbows when children are sitting upright with arms relaxed. If the table is too high placing pillows under a child is an easy way to fix this problem.
  • Teach your children how to adjust chairs and computer monitors when working on the computer. Show them how it should be set up for them.
  • Use tape to secure paper that the children are writing on. It should be perfectly straight and in front of them to avoid leaning, twisting or hunched shoulders.
  • Keep your children active!! Children, like adults, should not sit for more than 20 minutes without getting up and moving around. Make activity a family affair! Go play soccer in the backyard, go for a hike, enroll your kids in sports, etc. Modeling an active lifestyle is just as important as modeling proper posture or proper nutrition.
  • Explain proper posture to your children by using the image of a balloon attached to the child’s head, gently pulling him or her upward. This will naturally cause the shoulders to pull back and chest to open up, allowing the shoulders to fall back and down.
  • Make stretching fun! Teach them how to do a chest opener on a stability ball! Rolling around on a stability ball won’t feel like work to the child!

Instilling good habits from a young age is always easier than trying to unlearn bad habits. Again, what may seem like a silly thing to fix has long term effects on your children. Remember to model the good behaviour, keep a positive attitude and apply the easy and fun quick fixes in your home!


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