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About Me

My name is Ashley Eve and I am a trainer and class instructor in Cambridge, Ontario. My passion within my field is to help empower women and break down some of the stereotypes that keep everyone running on the hamster wheel with little to no success. I believe that once you empower the PERSON the healthy lifestyle will take care of itself. Some of my mentors and role models are Coach Scott Abel, Erik Ledin and Layne Norton. I could only hope to reach that level of knowledge and expertise one day.

My personal passions are dressage/ show jumping, Crossfit and obstacle course racing.






This past year I have dealt with insomnia, various health problems, a grade 2 shoulder separation and a major back injury which included an L5 S1 bulging disk and jammed SI joint. I’ve currently had 2 set backs with my back. I hope my struggles with health and fitness can inspire others that want to give up to keep fighting for their dreams.

After 3+ months off I am just getting back to training in April (2013). This meant that I could not compete in the Crossfit open and I could not prepare how I wanted for my OCR season. This year I’ll be taking it easy to see how my back responds and if it can handle the OCR’s. My racing this year will just be part of my training so I can kill it in 2014.

Random Facts:
* My favourite movie is How to Train Your Dragon.
* My favourite TV show is The Walking Dead.
* My favourite animal is a unicorn (Yes, I understand they don’t exist. I can dream!).
* My favourite Crossfit workout is Diane. Anything with Thrusters is a close second.
* Favourite part of OCR’s: anything where I am crawling through mud.
* Favourite part of my job: empowering women to live a full life.
* I volunteer for a local animal rescue and own 5 rescued animals.
* The Zombie Run was my first time doing anything that I view as a competition for fun! (At 27 that’s pretty crazy to say!). I had a blast and would be up for “fun runs” again!
* Favourite athletes: From Crossfit: Iceland Annie and Julie Foucher. From OCRs: Ella Kociuba and Margaret Schlachter (from Dirt in Your Skirt! Check it out!). I am drawn to strong role models who have passion and an inspiring story to tell.


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